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About Meander Wilderness Experiences

A passion for Meander

After many egg and bacon muffins at the Meander Shop and thinking about what enterprise could work in Meander, founder Daniel Wickham came up with the idea for Meander Wilderness Experiences. The aim is simple: to showcase the Meander Valley region as a place where people can immerse themselves in the wilderness - all while having a bucket load of fun and adventure!

Daniel’s father, Ellis Wickham purchased a 112 acre property in the Meander Valley in 1974. Growing up in Launceston, the family would travel to the ‘farm’ every weekend. As an only child, Daniel made his own fun and loved every minute - learning to fish, driving a tractor, backing a trailer, rolling rocks down the next door neighbours hill (but shhh, he still doesn’t know to this day!). So it’s only fitting that, fast forward a couple of years, he’s now making his own fun with this unique river sledding experience!

Meander Wilderness Experiences is a platform to share his own passion and the passion that the locals in this area have for their community and environment with like minded adventure seekers. Daniel says:

The world has changed since I was a boy and while I can’t share with you the experiences of my youth, I can give you this river sledding experience, which I reckon is a ripper. So come on out and have a gander at Meander!
— Daniel Wickham, Founder