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Meander Valley, Tasmania

The Meander Valley region is located in the heart of Northern Tasmania. The town of Meander itself is located only a 50 minute drive from both Launceston and Devonport and is surrounded by well known mountain ranges, Quamby Bluff and Mother Cummings Peak with the Greater Western Tiers beyond.

Meander Valley was initially inhibited by Pallittorre, a Tribe of the Traditional Custodians of our land; the Aboriginal Tasmanians. The rich history of this region allows exploration for excited visitors and proud locals. European settlement occurred in 1822, and the removal the Pallittorre was just one chain of events of other Aboriginal Tribes across Tasmania.

Now, in the 21st Century, the beautiful town of Meander supports and facilitates prime land for agriculture. Meander Valley in Tasmania also boasts many vintage buildings that are still standing today, with history pouring out of them much to tourists delight. The lakeside is popular for visitors and locals to take a scenic walk along the water’s edge, picnic rugs are encouraged but not essential to enjoy the sound of the trickling stream edging down the valley.

Our wilderness playground, the Meander River flows through the centre of the township, surrounded by green pastures and native flora. It’s also where your adventure awaits!